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“Jenny Lewis and Sara Kay understood my vision for the show I created, and searched tirelessly to find our large cast. They were able to find talent that met our high expectations and modest budget, as they filtered through thousands of actors and hundreds of auditions. Their experienced eye allowed us to see only the best choices available for the production, and they helped us cast new and emerging talent, as well as actors with long and diverse resumes, all the while letting us know which actors had the right reputations for our project. Jenny and Sara understood the importance of creating an atmosphere that allowed for creativity and openness on the part of the actors during auditions, and made the process as least stressful as possible for all those involved. I couldn't be happier with the cast we found for Seed, and am grateful for their help.”

- Joseph Raso, Showrunner

“I have worked with Jenny and Sara on several of our film and television projects. They are very creative and thorough, and I know that no stone will be left unturned. Especially important when casting kids, where a new actor may emerge at anytime from anywhere. They are professional, easy to work with and give great guidance. I look forward to working with them again!”

- Brian Irving, Producer

“Jenny Lewis and Sara Kay are so completely a part of my creative process that asking me to make a film without them would be like asking me to make one without a camera. They are intelligent, knowledgeable, thoughtful, passionate, opinionated in the best way, flexible in the best way, and just all-around savvy, smart gals who know the film industry and find you wonderful performers to fill your frame. They are, in other words, exactly who I want to be when I grow up. The most astonishing thing of all is after you work with Sara and Jenny, you end up looking like a genius. What filmmaker wouldn't love that? They're tops at what they do.”

- David Weaver, Director

“I have had the tremendous good fortune to have worked with Jenny and Sara on a number of TV projects in recent years. They are, quite simply, wonderful creative partners. From those first blue sky phone calls, through the casting sessions and call backs, and right through the pressure of last minute approvals and negotiations, they conduct themselves with grace and good humour. They're always on the hunt for fresh talent and never just line up the usual suspects. They give wise counsel, provide great options, and really help make the tricky business of casting as great as it can be.”

                 - Brian Dennis, Producer

“When we found out we would be shooting our series Breakout Kings in Canada we were understandably concerned that we would not be able to find the American feel that was integral to the success of the show. Working with Jenny and Sara allayed our fears. They were able to bring talent to the table that felt American and didn't compromise on ability. They were professional, they were quick and they were lovely to work with. If we ever returned to Toronto with another project, we would be more than pleased to work with them again.”

                                                              - Matt Olmstead, Showrunner

What can I say about my two moms? I've been working with Lewis Kay almost exclusively since my first short film over 10 years ago. They are two of the most generous, fair and inspiring creative partners i've had the pleasure of working with. Their patience, support and dedication to the craft is unparalleled and never shy to knock me back on track. 

                                                              - Mark Montefiore, Producer

“As the old saying goes, "Directing is 90% of casting." And Lewis Kay Casting have always made our job easy. For our first short LONG BRANCH we thought we'd never find an actress that could nail the part but then Jenny Raven walked in and we fell in love. With the wrong actress our film wouldn't have garnered festival success or opened the doors that it has. Since then we've gained so much trust with Lewis Kay Casting that, with their consultation, we've opted to offer every role instead of auditioning. And yes, we've been thrilled with everyone. ”

               - Dane Clark, Writer/Director

“I've always enjoyed working with Lewis Kay Casting. I trust their instincts and always appreciate how they communicate with me as a director.”

                        - Gail Harvey, Director

"Collaborating with Sara Kay is always an excellent experience. Her talent and expertise have continually landed us high caliber actors, whose performances have resonated in the final product. We worked with Sara on our features Goon: Last of the Enforcers, and, most recently, KIN.  We look forward to continuing our relationship in the future and would like to thank everyone at Lewis Kay Casting for their unique perspective and incredible assistance in achieving such a great product."


                         -Jeff Arkuss, Producer

“Having had the chance to work with these women closely on several projects, I adore them. I have come to rely on them as a trusted partner. Their understanding of the current talent landscape, relationships to agents, and an attitude and work ethic that insists on getting casting ‘right' have made them one of faves to work with in Toronto. Huge fan.”

                            - Mike MacMillan, Producer

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